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Vienna Hotels Group Online Room Reservation System
  • Room Type
  • Price
  • Bed
  • Internet
  • Standard Single Room(No Window
  • ¥248
  • twin bed
  • free internet
  • Executive Single Suite(Two Bre
  • ¥488
  • twin bed
  • free internet
  • Executive Twin Suite(Two Break
  • ¥588
  • twin bed
  • free internet

A.All above reservation price have been the lowest ,including the service charge and tax ,you should pay them additionally at the hotel front desk
B.When the rooms are very limited ,you should provide the credit card information as guarantee   to keep the room until you check in ,it is just for guarantee ,not charge, please note   it ,all payment will do when you check out !
C.Once the hotel booking confirmed, ,please don’t make the reservation through other way to     avoid the trouble !